The Low-Income Weatherization Program for Multifamily Helps Preserve and Create Jobs

The energy efficiency and solar PV retrofits at Island Village Apartments will help cut annual utility costs by $26,136. The addition of LED lighting in hallways and exteriors creates a pleasant, comfortable, and safe environment for its 280 low-income renters. Residents also benefit from new refrigerators, LED lighting, and low flow faucet aerators and showerheads in their homes.

Investment by the Low-Income Weatherization Program for Multifamily Properties (LIWP-Multifamily) benefit regional economies like San Diego’s by preserving and creating new job opportunities. Island Village Apartments is one of two large multifamily properties participating in LIWP-Multifamily that are jointly owned by HDP, a subsidiary of the San Diego Housing Commission.

These properties are also the first cap-and-trade funded retrofits by contractor Bottom Line Utility Solutions. To keep up with demand for LIWP-Multifamily, Bottom Line Utility Solutions hired two new workers. In April 2017, a diverse crew of six men, including the two new hires, worked quickly and systematically to upgrade all the studio apartments with limited disruption to Island Village Apartments residents. Their hard work reflects the pride and dignity shared by many more construction workers and solar installers that use their hands and tools to convert cap-and-trade dollars into tangible environmental benefits enjoyed by all Californians. For more on this LIWP-Multifamily retrofit, click here for an article about Island Village Apartments on