The Low-Income Weatherization Program for Multifamily helps realize energy savings for Almond Court

Self Help Enterprises (SHE) is committed to supporting the financial sustainability, health, and well-being of the families living at Almond Court. In 2017, SHE completed meaningful energy efficient retrofits at Almond Court to significantly reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions while also reducing energy bill costs for their low-income families.

LIWP-Multifamily provided SHE with no-cost comprehensive technical assistance and financial incentives to find deep energy savings. SHE and LIWP-Multifamily designed a scope of work that focused on electrification and building envelope and system improvements that significantly reduced their residents’ energy bills while improving their comfort and indoor air quality.

Real Results: Resident Utility Bill Savings

LIWP-Multifamily analyzes the actual energy use post-construction to confirm that the completed retrofits perform as expected.

One year after construction, the analysis confirms a 44% reduction in actual resident energy use (combined BTU savings) and an 18% cost savings in resident utility bills from energy efficiency and electrification measures alone. Residents’ actual energy and cost savings were calculated using aggregated, anonymized monthly energy bill data from utility providers.

In addition to energy efficiency upgrades, a 110 kW solar array was installed to help further reduce resident energy bills. With more than 93% of the energy production allocated to resident meters, the new solar array is projected to result in an additional 28% energy savings for residents, resulting in annual energy cost savings of over $30,000 for the residents at Almond Court.