Property Owners

ELIGIBility requirementS

  • Be located in a Disadvantaged Community (DAC) – click HERE to confirm DAC status for your property
  • Contain at least 20 units 
  • Meet affordability requirement of at least 66% of households at or below 80% of Area Median Income
  • Install cost-effective energy improvements that equate to at least 15% savings above existing conditions

5 Simple Steps to Participate


Complete an interest form or contact us


Receive free technical support


Reserve financial incentives


Install upgrades at your property


Claim your financial incentives


  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Water heating systems
  • Lighting and appliances
  • Building sealing & insulation
  • Solar PV and solar thermal


Property owners may work with any contractor they choose, if the contractor follows requirements to maintain good Program standing.

The Program also maintains a directory of Participating Contractors. 

Contact us to learn about additional upgrade opportunities or for information about Participating Contractors.